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We creatively design and develop innovative software solutions that are focused on solving problems and help businesses achieve their goals.

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From Small Scale To Enterprise Level Solutions

Neurotech is a one-stop-shop for all your software needs. We develop web, mobile, desktop, and server-side applications for small-scale usage or enterprise-scale needs.

At Neurotech, we have experts who can transform your ideas or solve your problems using modern technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning and AI, or IoT Technologies.

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Our Services

Accelerate your business growth today with our software development services.

  • Computer Vision (OCR)

    Derive meaningful information from images, videos, or any visual input using Artificial Intelligence

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  • AI/ML

    Get software solutions that utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning

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  • Blockchain Dev

    Get a Blockchain-powered solution built on top of any Blockchain, from Etherium to Cardano to Solana.

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  • Conversational AI

    Enable a fast and excellent 24/7 customer service experience using a Conversational AI solution.

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Here are some of solutions crafted by our team


    Swahili Conversational API for Your Business